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Swimming Caps Waterproof Kids Adults | For Short Medium Hair | Pink White Cute | Firesara

$11.99 $38.99

Keep your hair secure and out of the way every practice with the Firesaras Short Medium Hair Tear Resistant Silicone Cap. The soft silicone design ensures a no-snag, comfortable fit.

Ensures a no-snag, comfortable fit

Firesara swimming caps for mens outperforms competition for its unique features below.
*Original 3D ergonomic design, easily fitting your scalp to prevent water from entering
*Improved contour cut around ears, for better ear protection
*Durable ribbed edge for a secure fit, no slipping away
*Flowered stripes, for significantly reducing water drag

Keeps Hair Dry & Water Out

Firesara swimming head cap natural hair is designed based on 3D human head, helping to reduce drag, protect hair, keep water out of the way when you swim. Firesara swim hat is highly recommended by swimmers, racers, competitors.

Made of Tear Resistant, Durable Silicone

Firesara colorful cap swimming is made of 100% non toxic silicone, smooth, durable, and tear resistant; as a result, it is easy to put on and off without causing snag or pulling hair. It is fast drying and offers UV protection. Your head will be well protected with our cap.

Broad Use for Adults & Kids

Firesara swim hair caps with ear protection fits men, women, kids, adults. With such a good companion for your pool practices and workouts, you will sure swim with ease and fun.

Key Features

  • Item SKU: F-006
  • Product name: Colored Blue Cap
  • Smooth, latex free silicone
  • Improved contour cut around ears
  • Designed to protect hair and ears, also securely hug the head to reduce drag
  • Prevents chlorine from contacting your scalp and hair
  • Does not pull hair when removing or putting on cap
  • Extra durable with amazing stretch that fit most swimmers with average head size
  • UV Protection from Sun
  • Shaped to fit short or long hair
  • For both kids and adults
  • Nose clip and ear plugs as free gifts
  • Package

    1pcs swim cap
    1pcs free nose clips
    1 pair of free ear plugs

    How to Use

    Lightly sprinkle with talcum powder between each use to keep swim cap in optimal condition.
    Avoid from sharp objects.
    Rinse by fresh water after use.
    Do not expose in sunlight.
    Wipe dry on both sides.