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9 pencil grips handwriting training on pencils
  • SKU: F0190101909

Rubber Pencil Grips | Handwriting Tools | Pencil Grips | 2 Step Advanced Set | Firesara


Original Ergonomic Design

Firesara rubber pencil grip for kids guides and gently holds fingers in an ergonomic position. Outstanding features are as below.
*Comes in a variety pack in small and large sizes, for pencils regular or large
*Original design, working with body physiology
*Simple design with no grip hole at sides, open freedom for fingers
*2 step training kit for both beginners and advanced learners

A Correct Grip at Any Moment

Firesara rubber pencil grips for preschoolers are smartly designed for helping kids to write and correct the finger’s posture while they’re writing, helping form The Tripod Grip. Tested efficiently by kids’ small hands, our pencil grippers are popularly used in schools, classrooms, kindergarten, and widely recommended by parents, teachers, occupational therapists, etc.

Non Toxic and Harmless Silicone

Firesara cares for users’ safety, and the material we use is the best! All our rubber pencil grip aids are made of natural silicone, soft, safe, and comfortable to hold; as a result, they relieve hand pain and improve handwriting. Other rigid, harder grips can cause severe pain and discourage practice.

Wide Use for Right Handers

Designed for left handers, Firesara assorted silicone pencil holder grip fits on regular pencils and large ones. Our grips are universally used by kids, students from kindergarten to 12th grade, adults, those with special needs like autism, arthritis, disabled, dyspraxia, dysgraphia. They also easily fit on crayons, pencils, pens, paint brushes and other writing tools.


Key Features

◆ Item SKU: F0190101909
◆ Product Name: 2 Step - Handle & Dolphin
◆ Come in multi sizes for regular pencils and larger ones
◆ Help students hold a pencil correctly and comfortably
◆ Make handwriting easier with less pain
◆ Form a tripod and physiological gripping
◆ Recommended by Doctors and OT
◆ Made of silicone, toxic-free and harmless
◆ For ages 3 year old or more and grades pre kindergarten - 12th and adults
◆ For right handed users only
◆ Small parts, not for children under 3 years


    9pcs in total, packed in one small plastic box

    • 3pcs small fish in 0.25inch-0.31inch=6mm-8mm, good for regular pencils
    • 3pcs large fish in 0.31in-0.4in=8mm-9mm, good for big pencils, pens, gel pen, etc.
    • 1pcs small handle grip in 0.25inch-0.31inch
    • 1pcs medium handle grip in 0.31in-0.33in=8mm, good for large pencils, pens, gel pen, etc.
    • 1pcs large handle grip in 0.33in-0.37in=9mm, good for fat pencils, gel pen, etc.

    How to Use

    Stage 1: Use the handle grip to find the way of gripping a pen
    Stage 2: Use the fish grip to fix daily writing posture