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  • SKU: F0190101504

Pencil Grips for Handwriting | Preschoolers Kindergarten | 4 Step Writing Training Kit | Firesara

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As to obtain a lifetime comfort and control, Firesara 4 step training kit was launched. It guide writing posture step by step with different grips for each stage.

Original Ergonomic Design

Firesara best pencil grips for kids handwriting is a great choice for beginners learning to write with step by step guide.
*Unique fingerprint design on grasp positions, very comfortable to hold
*Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology
*4 step training kit for right handed only

A Correct Grip at Any Moment

Firesara pencil grips handwriting for preschool teach kids to hold a pencil correctly without any discomfort, forming The Tripod Grip. Our pencil grips are tested by children’s little hands, popularly used in classrooms for teaching, and widely recommended by parents, teachers, doctors, occupational therapists.

Non Toxic and Harmless Silicone

Firesara cares for users’ safety, and the material we use is the best! All our pencil grips for better handwriting are made of natural silicone, soft, safe, and comfortable to grip; as a result, writing pain can be largely reduced.

Wide Use for Right Handers

Firesara pencil grips for handwriting without tears fit on regular pencils and other writing tools in similar sizes. Our grips are generally used by kids, students from kindergarten to 12th grade, adults, those with special needs. They also easily fit on pen, ball pens, pencils, crayons and other writing tools.

Key Features

◆ Item SKU: F0190101504
◆ Product Name: 4 Step - Training Kit A
◆ Fit on standard-sized pencils or other writing utensils in similar sizes.
◆ Good for writing tools with a diameter of 0.25inch-0.31inch=6mm-8mm
◆ 4 step training kit for beginners
◆ Help kids hold a pencil correctly and comfortably
◆ Make handwriting easier with less pain
◆ Form a tripod and physiological gripping
◆ Recommended by Doctors and OT
◆ Made of silicone, smooth and harmless
◆ For ages more than 3 year old and grades pre kindergarten - 12th and adults
◆ For right handed users only
◆ Non slip
◆ Small parts, not for children under 3 years


    4pcs in total, packed in one small plastic box, including

    • 1pcs butterfly double wing grip, 1pcs monkey grip,
    • 1pcs butterfly single wing grip, 1pcs ring grip

    How to Use

    4 stages with 4 different handwriting grips ( each for about 7-10 days)

    Stage 1: Begin with butterfly double wing pen gripper
    Stage 2: Cute monkey design pencil grips for practicing
    Stage 3: Butterfly single wing handwriting grips for enhancing
    Stage 4: Ring shaped writing grip for final reinforcing