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  • SKU: F0190101303

Pencil Grips Finger Position Guide 2 Step Training


This is Firesara 2-stage finger guide for pencils, stage 1 with 3 hole elephant grip with loop and stage 2 with 1 hole butterfly gripper. Three finger pencil grip is great for preschoolers, kindergartners, or primary students who just learn to write, while one finger gripper is great for strengthening grip with less control on the writing fingers.
Firesara pencil grips for kindergartners are squishy, soft and easy to use, and they fit on regular pencils without slipping off. They are really awesome writing tools for reducing hand fatigue, cramp, contact blisters, or bumps.

A Correct Writing Grip at Any Moment
For the elephant pencil finger guide, thumb and index finger in 2 “ears” and middle finger into loop. Such gripping method restrains kids’ little fingers from moving and offers more support for handwriting, hence forming a constant tripod grasp.
For the butterfly finger grips for kindergartners, there is only one finger hole for the index finger, which offers more control for kids’ fingers as to offer a more comfortable writing experience.

Soft Silicone - Comfortable to Hold
Unlike foam or plastic grippers that induce hard feelings, Firesara grips are quite soft and comfy to hold because of our particular choice of premium quality silicone. The silicone / gel we use contain no latex and do no harm to human body, and it keeps clean all this time without gathering dust.

For Right Handed - Various Uses
The elephant finger pencil grips work great for both left and right handed, while the butterfly work only for right handed. Firesara animal grips fit on regular number 2 pencils or writing utensils in similar diameters, and they are widely used by preschoolers, kindergartners, students from 1st grade to 12th grade, adults, those with special needs such as arthritis, dysgraphia, autism, disabled, parkinson, carpal tunnel etc.

◆ Item SKU: F0190101303
◆ Product name: 2 Step - Elephant & Butterfly
◆ Fit on regular pencils or writing utensils in similar diameters
◆ 2 step training kit for kids who learn to write
◆ Tested by kids’ little hands, easy fit and comfortable
◆ Helps kids hold a pencil correctly and comfortably
◆ Make handwriting easier with less pain
◆ Made of silicone, toxic-free and harmless
◆ For ages 3 year old or more and grades kindergarten - 12th
◆ For right handed writers
◆ No slipping and sweat proof, dust proof
◆ Small parts, not for children under 3 years

3pcs elephant pencil grippers for kindergartners
3pcs butterfly pencil grippers for better handwriting