Hello! We’re Firesara

Just like the slogan “Firesara, more fun for life”, we would like to add more fun to writing and swimming.

Our pencil grips are used to help kids or adults at different ages grasp the correct writing grip, and they can also be used for special needs like poor motor skills, occupational therapy, developmental disabilities, autism, dysgraphia.

Our swim caps and goggles are popular among either recreational swimmers or competitive ones, and you can always find the best price, best quality, best service here.

We highly value creativity and novelty, and that is what makes our products distinctive from competition, Firesara will always be committed to offering the best quality, best design, best service to our customers globally.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@firesara.com. Oh. Please don’t forget to connect with us on facebook, instagram, youtube, and more! Happy shopping at Firesara.

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My daughter was thrilled. They are very soft and hold fingers in the perfect position. They are far superior to the triangular pencil holds she used as a kid.
Pencil grips are great help in my classroom. In the past, my students are always confused about how to hold a pencil correctly. Now they can hold a pencil well with firesara grips.
My 5 year old was still gripping his writing utensil with a three finger death grip. Both designs of these grippers have been a huge help in mastering his pinch grip.
As a retired elementary teacher, l bought these to teach my 4 year old grandson how to correctly hold a pencil. They work great and come in bright assorted colors!
These are great! My 10 year old granddaughter holds her pencil terribly. I bought these to help correct her grip. She likes it so much she took it to school.
These are better than the ones I grew up using. They're softer, and offer more guidance for tinto know where to put their tiny fingers in order to grip in the right way.
I stopped swimming laps because of the trouble water causes my ears. This is the first cap that covers my ears comfortably and completely, and that stays put!
I swim laps at least twice a week. I LOVE how it stays put and I don't have to keep pulling it down over my ears like my other TYR and Speedo caps. Definitely recommend!
I bought the swim caps for my students who start to learn swimming, and they work really well. No tear, no water leak, and the price is also affordable.
These goggles are nice and soft and super flexible. The strap that goes around the head is very flexible so it’s easy to put on.
Love this swim cap. Actually got it for my 10 years old son and he doesn't want to wear any other cap, but this one. Covers ears perfectly. Fits older kids and adults too.
I really like how they are very clear, looking under water, The suction is excellent so there is no water leakage, you put them on and press down around eyes so it seals.