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  • SKU: F0190102115

Pencil Grips Occupational Therapy | Handwriting Tools | For Special Needs | Firesara


Original Ergonomic Design

Firesara best pencil grips occupational therapy for kids are designed through extensive tests and constant adjustment. Unique features are listed as below.
*Comes in 4 different shapes and two sizes, for regular pencils and large ones
*Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology
*3 step training kit for correct writing grip
*Projecting strips inside grip hole, pencils will not slip away

Non Toxic and Soft Silicone

Firesara cares for customers’ safety, and the material we use is the best! All our occupational therapy pencil grips are made of natural silicone, safe, soft, and comfortable to hold; as a result,  they significantly reduce the amount of fatigue felt from extended writing. No more pain!

A Correct Grip at Any Moment

Firesara ot pencil grips preschool guide each finger to the correct spot to achieve the perfect tripod grip. Our pencil grips are tested by kids’ little hands, popular in classrooms, and widely recommended by parents, teachers, doctors, occupational therapists.

Flexible Use for Righty

Firesara ot recommended pencil grips for kindergarten fit on regular pencils and other writing tools in similar sizes. Our grippers can be used by kids, students from kindergarten to 12th grade, adults, those with special needs such as arthritis, autism, dyspraxia, adhd, dysgraphia, etc. They also easily fit on pencils, pens, crayons, gel pens, big pencils, and other writing tools.


Key Features

◆ SKU: F0190102115
◆ Product name: 3 Step - Two Types Butterfly & Dolphin
◆ Fit on standard-sized pencils and large pencils or other writing tools in similar sizes.
◆ Teach children how to write in the right way
◆ Make handwriting easier and less painful on your hand and fingers
◆ Form a tripod and physiological gripping
◆ Recommended by Doctors and OT
◆ Made of silicone, toxic-free and flexible
◆ For ages 3 year old or more and grades pre kindergarten - 12th and adults
◆ For right handed users
◆ Small parts, not for children under 3 years



15pcs in total, packed in two small plastic boxes, including

  • 5pcs single butterfly wing for 0.25inch-0.31inch=6mm-8mm, good for regular pencils
  • 4pcs double butterfly wing for 0.25inch-0.31inch=6mm-8mm
  • 3pcs small fish for 0.25inch-0.31inch=6mm-8mm
  • 3pcs large fish for 0.31in-0.4in=8mm-9mm, good for large pencils, pens, gel pen, etc.

How to Use

3 step training kit for gradual grip development

1st stage: Use the double butterfly wing that corrects the thumb and index finger in a short time
2nd stage: Use the single butterfly wing that is able to spread the strength of the fingertip in order to reduce writing fatigue
3rd stage: In skilled time, you can reduce the grip space, and the correct method can be formed by using the dolphin pen grip.