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  • SKU: F0190101408

Pencil Grips for Kids Pen | Handwriting Tools | 28 Day Quick Guide Training Kit | Firesara


The pencil grip 28 day quick guide is designed for proper grip development. With Firesara 28 day training kit, children do not need to think about the mechanics of the correct grip. It’s a lifetime control and comfort.

Original Ergonomic Design

Firesara best pencil grips for kids handwriting is a great buy for kids learning to write or higher grades. A set of pen gripper, a lifetime of comfort.
*4 step training kit, 28 day quick guide
*Come in 5 different shapes and cute colors
*Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology
*For both lefties and righties

A Correct Grip at Any Moment

Designed throughout millions of times’ test, Firesara ergonomic pencil grips for kids prove to effectively assist hands in holding pencils & pens correctly. Parents and teachers will love these handy classroom helpers since they don’t have to explain the right grip to students anymore. It is also a great choice for school supplies and gift ideas.

Non Toxic and Smooth Silicone

Customers’ safety first, and Firesara promises that the material we use is the best! All our lefty pencil grips for kids are made of natural silicone, soft, safe, and comfortable to grip; as a result, hands feel less pain and writing fatigue can be significantly reduced. 

Wide Use for Left or Right Hand

Firesara pencil grips for kids for preschool fit on regular pencils and other writing tools in similar sizes. Our grips are widely used by preschoolers, children, students from kindergarten to 12th grade, adults, those with special needs such as dyspraxia, dysgraphia, cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, arthritis. They also easily fit on pencils, pens, officeworks, ball pens, crayons and other writing tools.

Key Features

◆ Item SKU:F0190101408
◆ Product Name:4 Step - 28 Day Guide
◆ Quick guide 28 days training kit for students at different grades
◆ Fit regular pencils or other writing tools in similar sizes
◆ Recommended by Doctors and OT
◆ Help kids hold a pencil correctly and comfortably
◆ Make handwriting easier with less pain
◆ Form a tripod and physiological gripping
◆ Made of silicone, toxic-free and harmless
◆ For ages 3 year old + and grades pre kindergarten - 12th and adults
◆ For left handed and right handed users
◆ Non slip
◆ Small parts, not for children under 3 years


    8pcs in total, packed in one small plastic box, including

    • 1pcs squirrel grip
    • 1pcs handle grip
    • 1pcs left right grip
    • 1pcs parrot grip
    • 4pcs small fish grip

      How to Use

      Write it right and fast with Firesara 28 day quick guide.

      1st week, begin with squirrel grip
      2nd week, practicing period with handle grip
      3rd week, adjustment period with left right grip
      4th week, mature period with parrot grip