Training Rainbow Pencil Grips For Preschool
Newest 2019 Ergonomic Design Firesara training pencil grips for handwriting is a great innovation to other types of pencil grips in the market in the following aspects. *Open Structure: Pencils in different shapes like circle, triangular, hexagonal, can be easily slid into the grip *Index Finger...
$22.99 $11.99
Crossover Pencil Grips For kindergarten
Original Ergonomic Design The crossover pencil grips are different.*Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology*Cute elephant shape, fixing 3 fingers for correct writing grip A Correct Grip at Any Moment Firesara pencil grips crossover allow you to put thumb and index fingers in...
$21.99 $10.99
Puppy Pencil Grip Trainer For Kids Handwriting
Let me introduce you the newest 2019 Firesara puppy pencil grips trainer for handwriting. Based on finger data from 300 kids worldwide, the pencil grips are designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable for kids little fingers.It is made from gas phase...
$20.99 $10.99
Ergonomic Pencil Grips Handwriting Training Aid
Original Ergonomic Design Firesara ergonomic pencil grip for kids is an awesome progressive design that works with the body’s natural physiology, offering quite enjoyable writing experience. *Unique monkey tail can be used as a ring and handle for fixing fingers more...
$21.99 $10.99
Pencil Grippers For Large Pens Fat Pencils
Original Ergonomic Design Firesara pen grippers for adults come in 3 different sizes, pencil grip Plus, Medium, Small, which is great for handwriting tools in different sizes . *Unique design on grasp positions, very comfortable to hold *Original ergonomic design,...
$19.99 $10.99
Left Handed Pencil Grips
Looking for pencil grips for left handers? Look no further, Firesara butterfly grips are to meet all your handwriting needs. Specially designed for lefties, Firesara grippers fit any standard-sized pens or pencils for enjoyable day-long writing. Original Ergonomic Design Firesara pencil grips for kids handwriting...
$22.99 $12.99
Pencil Grips For Dysgraphia
These are Firesara newly upgraded elephant pencil grips for dysgraphia. They are made to be more ergonomic, flexible, user friendly, and versatile. Each pack come with 4pcs small grips for regular pencils and 2pcs large grips for wide pencils. The...
$27.99 $14.99
Elephant Pencil Grips For Handwriting
Original Ergonomic DesignFiresara crossover pencil grip for kid handwriting is different from all the other types of pencil grips in the market.*Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology*Cute elephant shape, fixing 3 fingers for correct writing grip*For both left hand...
$32.99 $18.99
3 Step Training Pencil Grips For Kids Handwriting
Original Ergonomic DesignFiresara pencil grips occupational therapy for kids are designed through extensive tests and constant adjustment. *Original ergonomic design, working with body physiology*3 step training kit for correct writing grip*Projecting strips inside grip hole, pencils will not slip away Non-Toxic...
$28.99 $14.99
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