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Pencil Grips For Dysgraphia | Lefty Righty | Preschool Kindergarten | Newly Upgraded | Firesara


These are Firesara newly upgraded elephant pencil grips for dysgraphia.
They are made to be more ergonomic, flexible, user friendly, and versatile.
Each pack come with 4pcs small grips for regular pencils and 2pcs large grips for wide pencils.
The 3-finger elephant gripper is great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, primary students.

If your kids don’t like too many finger holes limiting their fingers, you may check the link below.

With 1 or 2 fingers fixed

With handle but not finger hole

No finger hole or handle  



More ergonomic design
The new elephant grips are upgraded to be more ergonomic based on customers’ feedback. Users will feel more comfy when holding a pencil with our grips.   

The new elephant pencil grip helpers are built to be softer, and they offer a higher level of comfort compared with the old elephant grips.

Smaller finger holes
The new elephant grips are designed with smaller finger holes, so little fingers won’t slide out from the holes. Kids can write more easily.     

More diameters
The new elephant handwriting grippers include 2 diameters, large and small.
Large grips are great for wide pencils, pens, paint brushes, fat crayons, ball pens, or other writing utensils in similar sizes.
Small grips are great for regular pencils, slim pens, slim crayons or other writing utensils in similar sizes.

Slimmer loop
The loop / ring for placement of the middle finger is slimmer, which offers less binding feeling and better writing experience.

For more people
Firesara pencil grips are widely used by kids, students from kindergarten to 12th grade, adults,
those with special needs such as autism, arthritis, carpal tunnel, dysgraphia, disability, ot, parkinson, hypermobility, etc.

Softer silicone
Silicone on the new elephant grippers is softer and more comfortable. It is also latex free, non toxic,
and odorless. Unlike grips made from plastic, our silicone grips won’t become degraded or sticky over time. They can be used for years and cleaned easily.

Firesara logo
The new elephant pencil position grip is printed with firesara logo to protect our brand rights. We know that there are
many fake sellers who copy our products, so we need to print our logo so that customers could distinguish fake firesara from real firesara.


Key Features

  • 4 small elephant grippers for regular pencils or writing utensils in similar sizes
  • 2 large elephant grippers for large pencils, pens, ball pens, crayons, etc
  • Tested by people’s fingers, easy fit and comfortable
  • Smaller finger holes avoid small fingers sliding out
  • Easily fixes three fingers for correct tripod grip
  • Helps kids hold a pencil correctly and comfortably
  • Makes handwriting easier with less pain
  • Made of silicone, toxic-free and harmless
  • Great for preschool, kindergarten, or primary students who just start to learn how to write.
  • Great for people with special needs like dysgraphia, autism,
  • For left handed and right handed people
  • Non slip and sweat proof
  • Small parts, not for children under 3 years



4pcs new Firesara elephant pencil grips small
2pcs new Firesara elephant pencil grips large