Rubber Pencil Grips
Original Ergonomic Design Firesara rubber pencil grip for kids guides and gently holds fingers in an ergonomic position. Outstanding features are as below.*Comes in a variety pack in small and large sizes, for pencils regular or large*Original design, working with body physiology*Simple...
OT Pencil Grips For Kids Adults
Original Ergonomic Design Firesara pencil grips occupational therapy is designed for improving kids handwriting grip with unique features as below. *Come in two sizes and two shapes, small size for regular pencils while large size for larger pencils*Simple design with no grip...
Pencil Grips Finger Position Guide 2 Step Training
This is Firesara 2-stage finger guide for pencils, stage 1 with 3 hole elephant grip with loop and stage 2 with 1 hole butterfly gripper. Three finger pencil grip is great for preschoolers, kindergartners, or primary students who just learn...
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