Goggles are a must-have for every swimmer's swimming equipment. It enables people to focus on the water, see the world on the water as clear as a marine animal, correctly identify the direction, and avoid the eyes from the water pressure difference. The goggles also reduce the direct contact between the pool water and the eyes, avoiding redness and allergies to the eyes. Everyone knows that eye irritation is not a good thing.

However, many swimmers know that even perfect goggles will fog, or have a very short life, so you should always clean and maintain the goggles to extend the life of the goggles. I will tell you a little about swimming goggles maintenance and cleaning to help you protect your goggles.

Goggle cleaning                                     

Cleaning way after swimming

1. Immediately after swimming, place the goggles under the faucet and rinse repeatedly with cold water until the chlorine and chemicals adhering to the goggles are washed away. Avoid excessive water flow, impact the mirror surface, and destroy the anti-fog function of the mirror surface ;

2. After rinsing, you can gently remove more water and reduce the drying time, so as not to dry too long to produce excessive dust and bacteria ;

3. Place it in a cool place to dry, avoid sun exposure, otherwise, the rubber of the goggles may melt, the strap may become stiff and breakers, and even damage the anti-fog function of the goggles ;

4. After the goggles are completely dry, return to the goggle box. Avoid being placed with other sharp objects and scratching the goggles mirror, causing scratches on the mirror surface to affect the clarity of the goggles. Keep the inside of the goggle box dry, otherwise, it will cause mold and infection of the eyes.


Daily cleaning tips

1. The surface of the goggles has dirt or fingerprints. Please use a special detergent to clean it. If it is not, you can replace it with a neutral detergent.

2. Do not use alcohol to clean the mirror surface. Although alcohol has the function of sterilization, alcohol will destroy the mirror surface. Do not use paper towels or hands to wipe directly. It is easy to produce scratches and damage the anti-fog and UV protection functions of the swimming goggles.

3. The strap can be cleaned with soapy water. Carefully wash the strap in soapy water while avoiding soapy water on the lens and gasket (if your strap is removable, you can avoid this problem altogether). Dry the moisture on the strap after cleaning.

4. Swimming at the beach, the swimming goggles are easy to have sand residue, and it is easy to wear the goggles. Therefore, in the wider area such as the outdoors, especially the seaside, remember to use the cold water to wash the goggles and remove the sand residue.

Goggles maintenance

The most important thing about goggles maintenance is that you should not touch the mirror at all times. The lines of your fingers will damage the lens. It may erase the anti-fog coating of the goggles, and the oil on your fingers will also damage the lens.

1. If your goggles have formed more dirt, you can't clean the goggles with daily cleaning. You can use vinegar to clean. First, put the vinegar and water in a bowl at a ratio of 1:4. The bowl should be the same size as the goggles. The amount of water should be able to pass the goggles. Then, put the goggles in a bowl for about 1-2 hours. Soak according to the degree of dirt on the goggles, be careful not to soak for too long; at the end, rinse the goggles under the faucet, dry it and put it back in the mirror box.


2. If the anti-fog coating is damaged, spray the anti-fog solution on the inside of the lens one night in advance, and place the inner surface of the lens up one night to allow the anti-fog solution to air dry naturally and cover the surface so that it can be dried for a long time. It can prolong the fogging time while swimming. You can also use baby shampoo to gently wipe the lens, but use as much as possible, avoid rubbing your fingers against the lens, and then shake the goggles in the water until the foam disappears.

3. The strap and sealing ring of the goggles are generally made of rubber such as silica gel. The strong sunlight and high temperature make the goggles of the goggles fragile and easy to break, and the sealing ring is easily deformed and cannot fit the eyelid perfectly. The goggles must avoid light and avoid high temperatures. Do not place the goggles in the trunk or hang them in the window to dry.

4. The goggles should be replaced every 4-5 months. Despite careful maintenance of the goggles, the anti-fog function of the goggles will gradually weaken and the strap and seal will gradually deform.