You need to learn on how to protect hair from chlorine if you love swimming. Most swimming pools apply chlorine to kill bacteria and other germs. Chlorine is a gas which has several uses, when it is applied in pools; it plays a great role in killing bacterial hence ensuring the water is clean so that you can swim without any fear.

Although it is applied to keep the water clean, there are several drawbacks of applying chlorine. For instance, it has several effects on your hair. Some of the known side effects of swimming in chlorine water include drying hair, weakening the hair and even leading to hair breakage. Even tap water has some amounts of chlorine hence you should be equipped with tips on how to avoid hair damage from chlorine tap water.

How Does Chlorine Affect Your Hair

Before you start figuring out ways on how to protect your hair from chlorine, you should know how the chlorine in water affects your hair. Chlorine is an antiseptic
which can affect your hair shaft in several ways. It is applied to keep water safe for swimmers but it will expose you to several side effects on your skin as well as on your hair. If you are looking for ways to keep the hair healthy, then you need to know the right way to deal with chlorine effects on gray hair. Some of the ways chlorine affects your hair include the following:

Discolors the hair

Chlorine is yellow in color. If the water in the swimming pool has a lot of chlorine, then it will lead to discoloration of your hair. You need to apply different safety measures so that you can avoid the effects of hair discoloration.

discoloring hair after swimming

Dries the hair

When hair shaft is exposed to chlorine, it will lead to drying the hair. The hair becomes brittle and straw like. When the hair is exposed to chlorine, it leads to drying the hair which can expose the hair to the danger of breaking. If you love your hair, then it will trouble you a lot if the chlorine will make your hair frizzy. Lack of shine to the hair

You may have noticed when you swim in chlorinated water your hair will tend to become less shiny. Even if you had applied hair oil, the effects of chlorine will lead to lack of shine. You need to look for ways to protect the hair from chlorine

damage so that you can avoid the lack of shine. Your hair will look attractive
if you can manage to maintain the shine.

Weak hair lacking volume

Too much exposure to chlorine can lead to lack of volume in the hair. If you are looking for ways you can maintain thick and healthy hair, then you should look for ways you can protect hair from swimming pool chlorine if you love swimming. Remember swimming has a lot of health benefits. If you would like to tap into the health benefits of chlorine, then you need to look for ways you can keep the hair

healthy by taking good care of the hair. To preserve your hair if you love swimming, you need to look for ways on how to protect your hair before and after swimming. There are several tricks you can apply out there to keep the hair healthy even if you love swimming a lot.


What to do before swimming to protect your hair

Apply olive oil or coconut oil

If you can apply olive oil or coconut, then you will easily protect it against chlorine
damage. To protect your beautiful hair from chlorine in pools, you can apply the oil and it will protect chlorine from coming into contact with the hair. The oil is effective in sealing off chlorine from coming into contact with the hair which can play a great role in keeping your hair healthy. Coconut and olive oil are easily available and they will offer other health benefits to your hair and scalp. The oil does not weigh down your hair hence you will enjoy swimming without any restrictions upon application of the oil. The oil is easy to apply hence you can easily apply it to enjoy your swimming adventure. The oil is also effective in helping you strengthen your hair shaft.

olive oil

Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water before you start swimming

From research it has been proved that wet hair is less absorbed when compared to dry hair. If you can wet your hair with non-chlorinated water, the hair will be

less absorbent hence it will not absorb a lot of chlorine as you swim which will keep chlorine from wrecking hair as you swim. It is an effective way you can protect hair when you go swimming. Most bottled water available in the shops is non chlorinated; you can buy such water and wet your hair before you enter the swimming pool.

Apply leave-in conditioner

The leave in hair conditioner works the same way as coconut oil in keeping your hair protected. If you are looking for ways on how to protect hair from chlorine tap

water, then application of a leave in conditioner can be a great way to keep your hair healthy and protected as you swim. The hair conditioner creates a protective layer on your hair which will prevent chlorine from coming into contact with your hair hence offering the necessary protection as you swim. You need to apply the hair conditioner so that you can protect your hair before you proceed to swim.

Wear a swimming cap

Are you looking for ways on how to protect my hair from being damaged by chlorinated pool? Wearing a swimming cap can be a great way to protect your hair. The swimming cap will cover your hair completely and avoid any contact with water. If you can protect the hair from coming into contact with water, then you will protect the hair against any effects of chlorine. You will enjoy having beautiful hair at all times if you decide to wear the cap. The swimming caps are available in different sizes hence you need to go for a size which can perfectly fit your head for maximum protection against chlorinated water.

wearing a swimming cap

Swimming in an outdoor pool

When you swim in an outdoor pool, you will reduce he effects of chlorine on your hair. You may be wondering how swimmers protect their hair from chlorine by swimming in outdoor pools. The fact is that when the pool is exposed to the atmosphere, the chlorine gas tends to escape to the atmosphere hence reducing the concentration of chlorine in hair. If you can manage to swim in an outdoor pool, then you will achieve pre-swim hair protection.

What to do after swimming

You may be wondering about swimmer's hair: how you get it - what to do about it after you have been swimming. There are several ways on how to protect hair when swimming every day. Ensure you apply the following tips after swimming to protect your locks after swimming.

Apply swim spray to remove chlorine

If your hair has been affected by chlorine, then you need to remove it. Application of a swim spray is among effective ways to protect the blonde hair from chlorine

effectively. If you are looking for ways on how to protect blonde hair from chlorine, you can as well apply the swim spray and it will offer the necessary hair care while swimming. It is among the best products to protect hair from chlorine because it removes both odor and the effects of chlorine discoloration on your hair.

apply swim spray

Wash hair after your swim

To avoid green swimming pool hair, you need to wash the hair after you have been

swimming. Use a gentle and sulfate free shampoo to wash your hair. The hair shampoo will remove chlorine from the hair and make it stay clean. Allow water to flow freely through the hair and it will clear all chlorine from the hair hence making your hair achieve a great look. The water should flow through the hair for about five minutes to remove all the chlorine.

Rinse using apple cider vinegar

It is among the best post-swim hair protection you can apply to achieve great looking hair. Apple cider vinegar is a great clarifying product which can offer a great rinse on your hair. Apple cider vinegar is effective in removing chlorine and other impurities found in pool water such as salt, copper among other impurities in the water.

Apply a moisturizer and hair conditioner after you swim

To remove chlorine from your hair, you can apply moisturizers which will moisturizer the hair. You can apply butter or a deep moisturizing conditioner after you have washed the hair. Chlorine will tend to dry the hair but the hair conditioner will play a great role in making your hair stay moisturized. A natural moisturizer will make your hair stay attractive at all times.

Avoid dryers after swimming

Instead of applying dryers, you can opt for wide toothed combs which will remove tangles of hair after swimming. Pat the hair to dry it so that you can avoid dry hair. Blow dryers can dry the hair hence you need to avoid them.

The above are ways on how to protect hair when swimming. Questions such as, how can I protect my hair from chlorine water should not stress you because the above are effective ways on how to keep your hair protected from chlorine. We sell swim caps which are effective in protecting you against swim/chlorine damage. You can try them to enjoy your swim.