Having a perfect pair of swim goggles is very important especially if you go to swimming on a regular basis either for body fitness or simply for fun. With these swim googles, you are able to swim through the different parts of the pool with a clear vision unlike if you dived into the water without them. Most pools contains high amounts of chlorine and this would irritate your eyes if you don't get a perfect pair of these swim googles. You will experience some vision problems and it is thus recommended that you get some quality swim googles.

There is a wide range of swim goggles in the various sport stores and you can always get a pair you are your swimming practices. However choosing a perfect pair of swim goggles from these options can quite be difficult especially if you are a novice swimmer. This article therefore provides some of the major tips that can guide you into making a perfect decision when you are out to get yourself some new swim goggles.

Factors to consider when choosing swim goggles
There are a range of factors that you should put into consideration when choosing a perfect pair of swim goggles. You can have a look at some of the major key considerations if you are planning to get quality swim goggles.

1. Types of goggles
Swim goggles are of different types depending on the purpose for which they were meant for and it is thus important to identify your need for the goggles to know the best choice to make. There are usually 4 different types of swim goggles which includes the competition goggles, recreational, practice and swim masks. 

The competition goggles are fitted with curved lenses to ensure a large and a clear vision for all swimmers. The lenses are able to stick on your eye sockets for a long time and hence keeping your eyes dry all along and thereby enabling you to move to any direction without any distraction. 

competition goggles firesara

Recreational swim goggles are cheaper as compared to the competition goggles. They are clear and the straps can easily be adjusted. However, this type of googles is not a great option for long swimming hours.

recreational goggles firesara

Practice swim goggles are similar to the competition googles and are recommended for beginners who are on a training schedule. Features of this kind of googles include a clear wide angle vision lenses, anti-fog and available in different stylish designs.

Swim masks
These are masks that are mostly designed for young kids. They are designed with different bright colors and hence providing enough comfort while swimming.

swim masks

2. Type of lenses
The modern swim goggles are designed with different types of lens and it can be very difficult to choose the right one but this should not worry you either. We will briefly discuss some of these lenses to help make the right decision on the best choice to go for.

Clear lens- these lens provide maximum light for clear vision especially in dark environments. They are good for competition, recreational swimming or even for general body fitness. They are also fitted with a UV protection coating.

clear lens

Metallic lenses- are dark-tinted to make it easy to swim in outdoor pools. They are best for regular training and competitions.

metallic lenses

Coloured lens-goggles designed with some coloured lens offer different benefits. Purple lenses reduces glare in day lights and such goggles are perfect for recreational swimming. Purple lenses are also used for leisure but ate designed to contrast green and blue objects. 

colored lens

Mirrored/ polarised lens- mirrored lens are mainly designed to help reflect light away from the eyes and hence providing a low light view. These lenses are recommended for competitions and are suitable for outdoor environments. On the other hand, polarized lens can filter intense glare and can be used for all kind of outdoor weather conditions. 

Smoke lens- these lens are perfect for light environments. They are designed to reduce brightness hence creating a darker view for bright swimming conditions. Amber lens changes bright light conditions hence giving a clear vision in the water.

smoke lens

3. Frames
Swim goggles are designed with either a single piece or a two piece frame. The two piece goggle frames are able to last for a long time but this doesn’t mean that the single piece frames breaks easily. You can also find some tough single piece frame swim goggles which are very durable.

one piece two piece frames

4. Gaskets
The swim goggle gaskets are made using different materials and this determines their performances as well. Silicone gaskets are very durable and are also fitted with a hypoallergenic cushioning to provide much comfort. The foam gaskets swim goggles on the other hand are of high quality and are able to resist fog and can as well provide maximum protection for your face. 

silicone gaskets swim goggles

5. Strap types
There are different types of swim goggles straps and it is very important that you chose the best strap that can easily adjust. The best strap you choose should be in a split design to firmly hold on to the two separate pieces. Silicone straps are the most popular ones and are durable. There are also bungee cords straps which are easy to adjust and also available in different colors. Rubber straps are also availed but they tend to rip out your hair and can be painful while wearing.

goggles straps

6. Size and shape
Swim goggles are made in different sizes and shapes and it is important that you choose the perfect size and shapes based on your preferences. Do not go for a size that is too large and would only give you discomfort while swimming. Just get a perfect size and shape that you can comfortably swim with.

7. Swim goggle prescription

Prescription swim goggles are made for swimmers who have clear vision problems. If you are either short- sighted or far- sighted you can have may have great challenges while swimming. It would be hard to mark the pool lines or even see rocks and dangerous parts if you are swimming in open waters. However, this should not worry you since prescription goggles exist to help you have a clear vision in the water. There are different types of these prescription goggles and you can acquire the best goggles that can correct your vision problems. They are also made in different designs and colors and it is thus easy to choose the ones that are best for you.

swim goggles prescription

8. Adjustability
Checking if the straps can easily be adjusted is a great factor to consider while buying a new swim goggles. This helps you to easily the goggles if they are too tight or even tighten them if you detect some leakages while swimming.

9. Type of swimming
The type of swimming that you regular prefer plays a vital role in deciding the best swim goggles to go for. You can either for the outdoor or rather the open water swimming which provides a bright light environment or go for the indoor swimming with a low light environment. Going for indoor swimming requires you to get clear swim goggles for clear vision. For outdoor swimming consider going for dark colored lens.

10. Comfort
Comfort is the main factor to take into consideration while looking for a quality swim goggles. Are you comfortable using the swim goggles that you bought? If you do not find comfort in them then there is no need of acquiring them as it won’t take long before you get back in the sport store trying to find a better swim goggles. Therefore it is important that you test your swim goggles if they give you enough comfort before buying them.

Additional tips on getting quality swim goggles
It is always recommended that you first test the swim goggles you intended to acquire before you can make the purchase. It would be very frustrating to get some new swimming goggles only to find them leaking. Ideally check if the goggles are fully functional. You can use the tips highlighted here in to find out if they are the right pair to acquire.

model wearing goggles

  • Wear the goggles and figure out if the lenses are comfortable
    You can simply know if the lenses are comfortable while wearing the googles by just pushing them against your eye sockets. Even if the straps are off the swim googles should be able to stick on your eyes for some time if they are of good quality. If the goggles can stick on your eyes, then it means they cannot allow any water leakage. However the lenses should not suck too much to give you enough comfort.

    •Check if the straps can be adjusted easily
    Quality swim goggles should have straps that can easily be adjusted in case you want to tighten or loosen the googles. If you find it hard adjusting them you can find a better choice to avoid frustrations in the pool.
  • Determine if the lenses are dark or light
    Most swimmers will prefer light lenses but you can also go for dark lens -goggles if you regularly swim in bright environments.

    As mentioned here in, choosing a perfect pair of swim goggles can be very tricky and therefore it is important that you consider the above factors to help you get a perfect solution for your swimming experiences. You will also need to try out different styles of these swimming goggles to find out the best selection that perfectly fits you. Usually high quality swim goggles are a bit expensive but you can also get some cheaper goggles that can work out well for you.