It is a toy but it is also a great tool to learn a lot of new things about robotics, and electronic assembling

There is no doubt in saying that technology is getting very advanced day by day. And with the advancement in time and technology, there are many new toys and gadgets for kids available in the market. Speaking of toys, one of the most loved categories in the kids-gaming niche is remote control cars. They are super cool, look amazing, and comes with a lot of features. So if you also love remote-controlled toys, then this remote control Bluetooth robotics car is the best option for you. To know more about its features and other information, stick to this article. Now without wasting any moment, let's get started.

Main Features

1- The best thing about this smart robot car is that it is specially designed for people who are interested in learning more about Arduino programming. You won't only get to learn new things about Arduino programming but you will also get a real-life hand-on experience to understand it better. It is also a great toy for people who love robots and want to explore more in the robotics field. If you are a parent, then you can gift it to your kid to educate him about electronic assembling more specifically. In summary, it doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult if you want to learn new things about robotics while having fun, then this remote control car is the best option for you.

2- Coming to technical features, this remote control car offers a lot of interesting features that make it a very useful toy. It comes with an Hc-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, 9g microserver, L293D motor driver board, and an infrared barrier. Due to all these features, it becomes very easy to install and operate this robot car. Along with this, this car also offers Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily do things without any difficulties.

3- Another great feature that makes it one of the best remote control cars for kids is the APP control. It comes with an inbuilt hotspot that will automatically turn on after starting the car is started. With the help of this feature, you can easily control the car with the help of your smartphone. You just have to download an android application and connect the smartphone with the car's inbuilt hotspot. After that, the application will give you access and all the control options to use the car with your smartphone. This hotspot feature is one of the reasons why most people prefer this robot car over other options.

4- Most people complain that their robot's car loses the directing detection accuracy after some months of usage. This happens because most of them don't come with enough working modules for path detection. In this robot car, you will get ultrasonic/infrared obstacle avoidance, infrared line following, and object tracking. All these features help in detecting the forward, left, right direction more accurately.

5- Along with the robot car, you will also get a CD to help you understand its work structure better. This CD also contains all the necessary information regarding its installation, which makes it a better option for people who don't have any experience and are new to the robotics world. Apart from this, you will also get to learn all the latest programs and codes of the robot car world. In short, this car will help you utilize your free time and learn new things about robotics without getting bored.

 Remote Control Bluetooth Robotics Learning-Educational Toys

Why You Should Shop From This Brand Firesara?

Though these features are enough to tell how much value this robot car offers but still some of you might be thinking why I should shop from this brand'. Well, the main thing that sets this brand apart from others is the value it provides. This brand is one of those brands that have been serving people for a long time and known for its reliability and value for money products. Here are some more advantages to choosing this brand:


One of the best things about this brand is their shipping policy. Unlike other brands, this brand has very low handling time. After getting your order and the payment, they ship your product within 1-2 business days. Coming to their delivery time they offer two options:

Standard Shipping- With this option, after successful order placement, you will receive your product within 8 to 14 days. If you choose standard shipping, then you won't have to pay any shipping charge as there is no minimum order limit.

Express Shipping- If you cannot wait for 14 days and need the product quickly, then you should use this option. With express shipping, you will receive your order within 3 to 7 days. You will also get free shipping if you order products more than $99, otherwise, you will have to pay $12.99 as shipping charge.

Refund policy

Firesara also has a good refund policy. In case if you don't receive as you expected, then you can return it within 14 days after you receive the receipt. If you get a damaged product, then you can apply for a replacement or can also apply for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. After returning the product the company will inspect and review the product and within a few days, you will get your refund or the replacement, depending on your preference.

 Remote Control Bluetooth Robotics Learning-Educational Toys


So this was all the information regarding this remote-controlled car. This car is a perfect option for all the people who are looking for a good gift for their kids. Unlike other toys, it is not just a regular toy that can only be used to have fun but it is also a great tool to learn a lot of new things about robotics, and electronic assembling. So if your child's birthday is near and you want to give him something that can provide both fun and knowledge, then Firesara remote-controlled car has everything you need. Hope this article will clear some of your queries and give you some helpful information.