Rainbow Pencils Grips-An economical but useful set

Though the age of 3 years is very small to learn anything it is also the right age for preschool admissions. Most of the pediatricians and educators usually encourage the parents of preschool children to worry about correcting their grip on the pencil because it will allow them to keep their wrist stable while learning writing or other skills in their life by making small moves. Though you can find various pencil grip types in the market for this purpose Rainbow Pencil Grips offered by Firesara are the best ones in this line. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know this pencil grips more closely.

What are pencil training grips?

Firesara has introduced innovative pencil grips for training preschoolers to grip their pencils correctly for improving their handwriting as well as learning other skills. The Rainbow Pencil Grips are better than other pencil grips types in many ways like:

  • These pencil grips can be used to hold pencils of different shapes, including triangular, circular and hexagonal, etc. due to their open structure.
  • It ensures the stability of the index finger on the pencil while gripping it for a long time with the help of its index finger fastener
  • These grips maintain a direct connection between the finger and the pencil to give a natural experience of writing to the kids due to comfortable hollows in them
  • These grips are packed in a versatile and eco-friendly case which can be used to store several small items along with pencils.

 Rainbow Pencils Grips for Training Preschool Kids

Main features of Rainbow Pencil Grips

Rainbow Pencil Grips are better than other pencil grips types due to the following features:

  • Suitable for all types of pencils including regular sized pencils as well as for writing devices of the same size
  • Suitable for writing devices of 6-8mm or 0.25- 0.31 inches diameter
  • The comfort level of using rainbow grips for writing has been tested and verified by millions of users
  • They can help children in holding their pencils comfortably and correctly
  • They make handwriting less painful and easier
  • They help in learning gripping the pencil psychologically by forming a tripod
  • Rainbow grips are safe as they are made of harmless, toxic-free silicone
  • They are specially designed into sets, one for kids from 3-18 years and second for 19 years to adults
  • They encourage the use of the right hand while writing or doing other similar works
  • Children below 3 years should not be given small parts to use

What do you get in the package?

The small plastic case of Rainbow Pencil Grips includes 12 pieces in all including;

  • 10 pillar-shaped open pencil grippers
  • 1 open pencil gripper for two fingers
  • 1 fastener for index finger

Rainbow Pencils Grips for Training Preschool Kids

How to use Rainbow Pencil Grips?

Initially, in the first stage, you can start using these grips with the fastener and the grip for two fingers. They will fix the index finger of your child in the right position to hold the pencil in less than 10seconds.

In the second stage, you can use the pillar-shaped open grips so that your child can use their hollows to grip the pencil with his index finger and thumb comfortably. He will get a more natural experience of writing as through hollows he will be able to establish a gentle and direct connection between the pencil and his fingers.

Benefits of using Rainbow Pencil Grips

The use of Rainbow Pencil Grips can be beneficial than other pencil grips types in many ways like:

Innovative design: The pencil grips of this brand have been designed in 12 colors after collecting the data of the fingers of more than 500 European and American children as well as the real needs of the customers.

Fixed position of the finger: These grips allow the kids to approach their pencil softly and hold it between the thumb and the finger firmly by entering them into the hollows of the grips. They can correct the bad posture of fingers on all types of pencils rapidly and efficiently. They can correct the grip on the pencil every time with the help of this 2 stage training kit. Children can form a tripod grip correctly within a few seconds by using an index finger fastener with a 2 fingered grip. For this reason, these pencil grips are widely recommended by teachers, parents, therapists, and doctors for all school-going children, especially preschoolers.

Experience the pencil more closely: The finger grips used in the second stage are specially designed for bigger kids to help them in practice to make their grip on their pencils stronger. On the surface of the pencil grips, there are grooves that can attach the forefinger and thumb directly to the pencil and feel good while writing as there is no foreign body between the pencil and finger to create a sensation.

 Rainbow Pencils Grips for Training Preschool Kids

Cute and colorful: Firesara has introduced Rainbow Pencil Grips packed in a beautiful see-through box in 12 colors to make them attractive for the kids of all age groups. It also allows the kids to choose the grip of their choice whenever they use it.

Soft and safe grips: These pencil grips can be used kids as well as adults to correct the posture of their finger while writing. So they are made safe, soft and durable by using high-quality, harmless, odorless, latex-free and non-toxic silicone. The food-grade silicone used in these ergonomic pencil grips makes them comfortable while training preschool kids to hold their pencils correctly so that they can feel less fatigue and pain while writing. They are made from safe and non-toxic silicone to make the teachers as well as parents worry-free as some of the naughty little kids are habitual to bite and chew their stationary.

Designed for right-handed and left-handed users: The pencil grips introduced by Firesara can be used from preschool kids to grown-up kids and adults,they are designed for all the people(right-handed and left-handed users). They can also be used by kids and adults suffering from cerebral palsy, dyslexia, OT and arthritis, etc. to hold their pen, pencils, ball pens, markers, and crayons, etc. correctly.

In this way, Rainbow Pencil Grips introduced by Firesara are the best for training preschool kids as compared to the other pencil grips types available in the market.