Pencil grips provide a proper grip and help in improving handwriting

Do you have bad handwriting? Or do you feel pressure or pain while writing? If you have any of these problems, then it is because of your improper pencil grip. Maintaining correct pencil grip is very important as it can affect your handwriting and can also prevent your hand from soreness. There are many types of pencil grips and each grip has its pros. But apart from this, it is also important to know when your pencil grip is incorrect. So if you want to know about the ways to correct your pencil grip, then this article is very beneficial for you.

In this article, you will get to know about the importance of correct pencil grips and how it can help you. Along with this, some tips to fix incorrect pencil grips are also mentioned. Now without wasting any time, let’s jump into the main deal.

Why Pencil Grips Are Important?

Many students struggle in holding the pencil properly, which can lead to many problems like soreness in fingers, bad handwriting, instability, etc. To fix all these problems, pencil grips are made. These pencil grips are made of soft material and provide finger support while writing. They also help in better finger positioning, resulting in better handwriting. Anyone can use pencil grips but is a must-have aid for special children's classrooms. Not only special kids, but pencil grips are also used by many people with health issues like tremors, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

Firesara pencil grips

Types of Pencil Grips

There are different pencil grips types and one can choose according to his preferences. Though all pencil grips are made differently their purpose is the same. The proper way to hold a pencil is known as tripod grasp and every pencil grip has the same purpose to guide the person to the proper tripod grasp. To help you understand better, here are the four most common pencil grips that can help kids with writing issues:

  •  Triangle Grip- This grip is best for everyone who struggles in holding the pencil properly. Its bulk up shaft makes it thick and easier to hold
  •   Grotto Grip- People who face problems in placing their thump, this grip can help them a lot. It has a comfortable place for index and thumb finger and the ridges keep the thumb from extending
  •  Stereo Grip- Stereo grip is a smaller version of triangle grip, it is the best option for people who have a tripod grasp but get tired during the writing
  •  Pencil Grip- If you place your thumb, middle and index finger, then it will create an area known as webspace. It supports the pencil while writing and it is designed to fit inside the hand to create apace.

Benefits of Pencil Grips

After discussing the fundamental information regarding pencil grips, now it’s time to talk about how it can help you. So here are some benefits of using pencil grips:

1- Proper Grip

The most common reason that causes bad writing is an improper grip. Pencil grips provide a proper grip and help in improving handwriting. It is also very beneficial for small kids who are struggling in improving their writing style.

2- Clean Letters

Not only special kids, people with a disease like arthritis also have a hard time writing clean letters. A pencil grip provides stability and better finger positioning, resulting in more clear letters.

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3- No Hand Pain

Improper gripping can cause hand pain and it is very important to maintain a proper grip while writing. Pencil grip reduces the hand pain by providing support to fingers and also prevent you from developing arthritis. If you experience hand pain while writing, then you should use a target pencil grip. It will increase your writing speed.

 finger pain

How To Spot Poor Pencil Grip

Many people complain about having bad handwriting and ask questions like how to improve handwriting and how to write clear. The simple solution to these problems lies in their pencil gripping technique. If you don’t maintain a correct grip on the pencil, then will you never be able to improve your handwriting. So here are some signs to spot poor pencil grip.

Red Finger Tips

One of the most obvious signs of a poor pencil grip is red or white fingertips. The redness in the finger occurs due to the high pressure. Griping the pencil too tightly puts a lot of pressure on the finger, which can lead to hand soreness. This pressure is also harmful to developing joints and muscles and can cause tiredness while writing. Along with the fingers, shoulder and wrist pain can also happen. FIRESARA has special pencil grips designed for conditions that might help the challenges that complicate the ability for your child to write properly.

Pencil Tip Breakage

If your pencil tip is frequently breaking during writing, then it is a sign of a poor pencil grip. This happens when someone faces problems in holding the pencil properly and due to that, more pressure puts on pencil tip, resulting in pencil tip breakage. So if you spot this more often, then use a pencil grip to develop a proper grip.

Difficulty Completing Projects On Time

Though this is an indirect sign both kids and adult suffer from this without even realizing. If you are not able to complete your projects on time, then chances are that you are focusing too much on correcting your hand grip. To fix this try to maintain a proper body position and practice writing using the correct grip. Some other signs of poor pencil grip are holes in the paper, lack of confidence, etc.

 writing posture


So these were some of the main reasons why pencil grips are important and why you should fix it. While writing, there are many things that you should take care of like good writing posture, proper pencil grasp, etc. All these things are very necessary if you want to gain writing speed. At last, if you want to get better at writing, then regular practice is the only way that can help you improve your writing skills. I hope you will get some helpful information in this article.