Children usually have a strong self-awareness, let them choose their favorite grip


The National Note Society of the United States has shown that handwriting is a very complicated skill, and it is difficult for many children to master it, so it can easily affect the speed of writing. This can make children feel frustrated and troubled, affect children's desire to learn, and serious is bad grip Pen gestures can hurt your child's finger and wrist muscles. I wonder if you encounter these situations? Your child is always complaining that his hands are tired, he doesn't want to finish the homework or writes too slowly. The homework is always incomplete? Is your child using a bad pen-holding posture to cause bad handwriting?

Studies have found that a bad pen-holding posture can put unnecessary pressure on the ligaments of the hands and force the body into a poor sitting posture, again putting the body under extra pressure and even causing vision loss. Occupational therapists say that for children with poor pencil grip, you will find it difficult to spell letters and slow or uncomfortable handwriting. This makes handwriting a tiring and uncomfortable task that affects children's overall learning experience and distracts them, thereby limiting their ability to write.

Therefore, parents should observe the pen-holding position of the child and help the child correct the bad pen-holding position.

writing of child

Poor grip posture

  1. Place your thumb above your index finger. The entire palm is under exertion, the power of the fingers is placed on the tail finger, and finally,the tail finger is injured. If children write for a long time, it is easy to form blisters.
  1. Hold the pen like a fist. Five fingers are grabbing the pen, the wrist is not flexible, and the inability to write smoothly affects the speed of handwriting. Children can't draw circles perfectly or write letters smoothly with hand pain accompanied by arm pain.
  1. All five fingers are working hard. The fingers are holding the pencil forcefully, but the movement direction of the pencil cannot be controlled very well. After the child's writing task is completed, the finger and wrist are very sore.

There are 3 basic requirements for an ideal grip for children

  1. Control the position of the pencil by finger movement
  2. Smoothly complete handwriting or drawing tasks by controlling the direction of pencil movement
  3. The child does not feel tired after completing the task, the whole process is relaxed and happy

 writing of child

After several kinds of research and experiments, the internationally recognized handwriting standard grips are the tripod grip and quadruple grip, which can help children complete writing tasks quickly and smoothly. A tripod grip refers to holding the pencil between your thumb and index finger, slightly above the intersection of the sharpened nib and the painted stem. The middle finger is behind the pen to form a shelf where the stem is placed. There should be a good round open space between the pinched thumb and forefinger, and the ring finger and little finger should be inserted into the palm.

The quadruple grip is very similar to a tripod grip and is equally effective. The four grips use the thumb, forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger to control the pencil, and the tail finger also retracts the palm, but the child should still hold the pencil with the tip of the finger instead of wrapping the pencil with the thumb. Because the pen is more stable on the side where the pencil is the ring finger, it is suitable for children who are still unstable when using a tripod to hold the pen or who like to control the pencil with four fingers. The child should still hold the pencil with the tip of his finger instead of wrapping it around his thumb

 writing of child

You might think that it would be as difficult for a child to keep this tripod grip or quadruple grip as handwriting. Fortunately, you only need to prepare a pen holder for your child. If your child has undergone occupational therapy or has undergone an occupational therapy assessment due to handwriting difficulties, you will know the pen holder. Occupational therapists recommend using the pen holder to correct the posture of the pen holder for children with handwriting difficulties or hearing difficulties.

When I saw Firesara's pencil grip series, I was very impressed and surprised that they could do such a small thing so carefully.


Its pencil holder is made of natural silicone, which is as safe and non-toxic as a baby's pacifier. Parents can safely use it for their children. At the same time, the soft nature of silicone can reduce finger friction and avoid blisters. Organic silicone is very durable and can be used without deformation. If the child accidentally drops the pen holder, it will not break, which is very suitable for naughty children.

writing of child


The pen holder has a unique fingerprint design, which makes the grip more comfortable and can increase the joy of the child's hand-drawing process; the design of the cross handle is in line with the original ergonomics of ergonomics, which can better make children realize where their fingers are And become a habit and become more independent.


What is novel is that the shape of the pen holder has a variety of shapes, including elephant type, butterfly type, puppy type, dolphin type, etc., unlike other products, the shape of the pen holder is single. The design of our pen holder is full of childlikeness and various colors. Children can choose their favorite shapes and colors. I believe children will like our pen holder.

Children usually have a strong self-awareness, let them choose their favorite grip, and children will be more willing to use it. Then, you don’t need to supervise your child ’s pen-holding position often, and get rid of the child ’s handwriting state; the child can also maintain the correct pen-holding feeling to write or paint more smoothly and focus more on their favorite to paint objects or styles, so as to happily complete your writing task or painting.

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